Welcome to Bali, a truly beautiful, unique and remarkable island, also known as "the Island of the Gods".

With 20 years of flying experience in Bali and a 100% safety record, AIR BALI Helicopter Tours & Charters operate with Western Pilot and Engineers. 6 days a week, we give you a bird's eye view of Bali's stunning scenery, to areas not accessible by road.

To experience this amazing island and its diversity, AIR BALI Helicopter Tours & Charters  has designed various aerial tours that show the very best of Bali. Take in a bird's eye view of smoking volcanoes, highland lakes, stepped rice fields, remote beaches, towering cliffs, famous surf breaks and thousand year-old temples.
As the only Western managed Helicopter Charter company in the region, AIR BALI Helicopter Tours & Charters continue to set the standards in helicopter charter needs. Our dedication to safety and professionalism goes far beyond the norm, and with clientele that rank under the who's who of the corporate, sport and entertainment world, we sure know how to treat our clients like royalty.
Whether it's majestic volcano's, scenic beaches, private picnics, helicopter weddings, hotel transfers, getting to the golf course in time, or being flown on a life saving air medical retrieval flight, AIR BALI Helicopter Tours & Charters is your answer.

We take you to great heights in the world's most beautiful archipelago. So sit back and relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the Island of the Gods, the only way to see Bali.