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IDR 28.000.000 每人


发现龙目岛的林贾尼火山,印度尼西亚的第二最高的火山。在3726米,它耸立在龙目岛,拥有10公里宽的陨石坑 -峡谷、高耸的墙壁、温泉、瀑布和完美形状火山锥的栖息地。这灵云-火山的椭圆形的Segara Anak caldera还包含一个230米深的湖。在火山上徒步旅行需要几个晚上才能克服.。你的航班还包括热带雨林的全景景观,深而蜿蜒的山谷只能从天空中可见。

飞行时长大概120 分钟



  • Prices are per helicopter. Prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and are inclusive of 10% government tax.
  • For Shared basis please contact us to discuss if there may be other passengers travelling on your requested flight.
  • Tours are confirmed with a minimum of 4 passengers.
  • Aircraft capacity allows 1-6 passengers on a flight.
  • All flights are subject to availability, confirmed passenger weights, weather and Air Traffic Control.
  • Please refer to our policies for more details.



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